Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sacred Cows - Confession ng POGI

Sacred Cows

Sacred Cows

In India, cows hold special significance because one of the avatars of Krishna was a cowherd. Thus they were held as sacred, roaming freely on the streets and given food and fruit before breakfast. Cow slaughter is illegal and only pariahs feed on the meat of the dead cow.

In modern society, it has given birth to the term “sacred cow.” It describes an object or practice immune to unreasonable criticism.

Now, are certain women sacred cows to certain learned Pogis? The answer is a resounding yes. Given that any type of infatuation or attraction is always tinged by an iota of lust, are these women still immune to the sexual longings of men? Obviously not. But why do some persist on putting them on pedestals.

It could be the nature to protect one’s interest. One’s deepest fantasies should be held close to the vest. It is fun to discuss lurid stories, one has to admit. But sometimes, it can get too far.

Whether this could be similar to a dog marking his territory with urine may be debatable, but it should still be given the respect a fellow pogi should accept.

Lest the cow be pushed to river Ganges and turn it into something else is a different story altogether.

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