Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mandy Monroe - Babe of the Month

Meet Mandy Monroe, Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month, our first for 2012!
Mandy Monroe - Babe of the Month

Mandy: I was born and mainly raised in Toronto. I am a feisty Taurus born May 19, 1988.

I am of Russian and Chinese descent. I started modeling when I was 15, on and off til now! I am anti animal cruelty supporter, as well as anti bullying and anti teen suicide. I read true crime books, and take care of 4 pets, which are a Great Dane, 2 Toy Pomeranians and a cat :)

I've been known as a curvy, tattooed model and take great pride in it, and my message through my popularity is so to show the beauty of women of all shapes and sizes.

Mandy Monroe - Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for January 2012Mandy Monroe - Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for January 2012Mandy Monroe - Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for January 2012
I read true crime books, and care for 4 pets, I was a Grade A student til the teen years hit and I started to rebel a bit.. ! Now i'm hoping to go back to school and earn my social worker license.

Your short and long term goals:
My dream goal is to just become a household name... and I always refer to Pamela Anderson when I say this, you can't say her name and have someone say who is that? I want that status :)

Dating or Single?
I am locked into a relationship that will soon lead to marriage! I grew up fast in that sense, and have been ready to settle down for a long time!

Kiss on a first date? thoughts...:
I've never really "dated" so i'm not sure about that! Kissing to me is a very personal, emotional thing so I never liked to kiss anyone unless I really had feelings for them..

Favorite food and drinks:
I have a cheese problem... LoL! I effin love cheese, I can eat it by the block. My favorite drink is pineapple juice, and alcohol-wise i love champagne and martinis! I used to be a shots only kinda girl but that rarely ended well so that had to stop! haha

Places on your bucket list:
? what a bucket list lmao

How will a guy get your attention?
No guy can get my attention, i'm dead serious. I have been anti boys since I was a kid, and have stayed that way!

One word describing your most pleasurable night?
Hmm... champagne and massage... I will take a massage any day any time, and nothing makes me happier than when I am getting a massage! I don't care if it's my back, my feet, my legs, my ass, I love it!

Do you want to give more or take more?
I love to give... I've always told my mom and my close friends that if I ever become rich I would buy them whatever they wanted.. I like to put a smile on someones face, especially when they have been good to me and deserve it.

Have you ever kissed someone from head to toe?
No.... lol

What turns you on the most?
Hot blonde girls! Such as.... Pam Anderson, and Kendra Wilkinson :)

Your favorite place to be kissed?
My neck.

Foreplay or role play?
A little bit of both!

Craziest place you ever got things heated?
I hate this question... only because it was with someone I now despise... in my old car while driving, that's all i'm saying!

Lights on or off?
Off! BUT I do let them stay on once in a while cuz I know my man likes to see it all.

Your favorite position?
Well if I told you that, there wouldn't be much left to the imagination would there!
Mandy Monroe - Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for January 2012Mandy Monroe - Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for January 2012Mandy Monroe - Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for January 2012
In between the sheets or on top?
In between when i'm cold! haha

what would your fans expect of you in the near future?
They can expect me to never change... just like I haven't at all in my personal life, i've been the same since i was a child, and when my old friends tell me that it makes me so happy, because that is so rare... especially in this business.

Are you guided by what principle?
I am all about respect, and honesty. When it comes to friends, they better be loyal, true friends, when it comes to myself, I better be the best I can be and treat everyone the way they treat me, what goes around comes around!

Holiday wishes?
what you got and didn't get yet.. I had my mom and my BF, and my pets around, and that's all that makes me happy, fuck the material things.

This year, have you been naughty or nice?
I have been SO NICE! My naughty days are over... :)

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Janet Powell said...

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Janet Powell said...

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MasterBiker said...

Just another stripper that moonlights as a wannabe model. This girl works at whiskey go-go in markham and has been known to do any and all "extras" in the back rooms with customers. She is a fraud. Just another fat Asian trying to make a career out if being "unique". Sorry to burst your bubble Mandy, you aren't unique, you suck a dick no better than any of the other girls at the club. On a positive note, atleast you swallow.

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