Friday, July 2, 2010

Do's and Don'ts... Kissing

  • Breathe! Breathe through your nose or don't be afraid to pull back slightly to take a breath, but no one likes it when their partner violently gasps because they've been holding their breath!
  • Have fresh breath!
  • Reciprocate their kissing and be active. You don't want to be a kissing post, you want to be a kisser!
  • Be gentle, not violent!
  • Use your hands.
  • Pay attention to your partner. Kissing is not all about you--it's about making them feel good too!

  • Use too much tongue or a really stiff tongue. This can be a turn off. Try to be subtle and gentle. The slower the hotter!
  • Lick their teeth. Yuck.
  • Kiss with your eyes open. It's ok to peek once in a while, but keep em closed or you'll come off as creepy!
  • Salivate everywhere. Slobbery kissing is not cool. Just be conscious of it, and you'll do fine.
  • Move too fast. Stay in control of yourself and don't freak them out by getting too frisky!


Nix Ricafort said...

Licking your partner's teeth while kissing??? Who does this??? YUCK!!! LOL!

nesta said...


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