Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to... Perform Foreplay

The Facts on Foreplay... Guys—don’t underestimate the importance of the “pre-game show”!
When it comes to sex, too many guys tend to worry about the wrong things, like size and stamina, and neglect to focus enough energy on the right things. What are the “right things”? Well, at the top of the list is one thing that happens (or that should happen) before sex even begins—foreplay! Probably more than any other aspect of sex, these pre-intercourse activities are what really gets a girl going. In fact, in one study, more than 700 nurses reported that lack of foreplay was the highest ranked reason for an inability to reach orgasm!

Foreplay may not be what you think.
Okay, maybe it’s not that you’re focusing on the wrong things, but rather, you’re not even clear about what the right thing—foreplay—really is. Here’s a question that will help gauge your level of understanding:

Foreplay is…
A) What happens after the clothes come off, but before intercourse
B) Kissing, caressing, and petting
C) Connecting with her emotionally for a significant amount of time prior to sex
D) None of the above
E) All of the above…and more

If you answered “E”, you’re right on the money. Foreplay is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that comes before intercourse, whether physical or not.

What’s a guy to do?
If foreplay is everything, you might be left to wonder where to begin. I say, there’s no better place to start than, well…right at the beginning. In this case, that’s the moment you set eyes on one another for the evening. Here’s a five-step plan to get you (and most importantly, her) ready.

1. Connect—Without being too overt, you want to try and “connect” with her. Nothing is more important to a woman. This connection can be as simple as asking her how her day was…and really listening to her response. Or, try telling her that you were thinking about her today, and missed her. Nothing too over-the-top, but still honest and caring.

2. Be Intimate—Being intimate does not have to mean being sexual. Show her that you know the difference by asking probing questions and giving her more than one-word answers when she asks you the same. Confide in her things you don’t normally tell people, and let it be known that you appreciate her listening.

3. Be Physical—Here, too, being physical does not mean “being sexual”. Hold her hand, rub her shoulders, squeeze her leg—do anything to simply make contact…without mauling her, of course.

4. Kiss—Okay, now we can move into the part you’ve been waiting for. But not any kiss will do. Despite what many of you men apparently believe,  women do not like to have a lot of tongue action right away. Start with a dry, soft kiss, and pay attention to whether or not she’s digging it. If she is, you can progress from there with a bit more passion and gusto, but always be aware of whether she’s reciprocating. A great trick is to mimic her kissing style, as it’s surely a sign of what she likes!

5. Heavy Petting—From the time you began kissing her until now, the “heavy petting” stage, there should be some time lapse. How long will depend on how hot and bothered you both get. But let it be said that the longer and slower you go, the more experienced you’ll seem, and the more into it she’ll be.

When to say when
So, you think you’ve got foreplay down now. You’ve wined and dined her, talked and listened, kissed…and more. But how do you know when it’s time to move on and actually have sex? Well, if she doesn’t tell you, and if your own judgment isn’t to be trusted, just refer to the clock (though you better not let her catch you looking)—17 minutes has been deemed the most desirable amount of time.

5 Great Foreplay Positions and Techniques To Drive Her Wild

A woman loves to enjoy a long time in great foreplay positions before intercourse starts, but the man will always try to rush through it. You need to take it slowly if you want to really fulfill her. Women take some times to get into a sexual mood; therefore you will need to lead her on with your great foreplay positions and techniques.
Let me just share with you 5 foreplay positions and techniques that you can use to drive her wild throughout the night:
1. Give her feather light touches. Women are very sensitive to feather light touches, and they will find them very erotic. Try touching her lightly with your fingers or tongues to really turn her on.
2. Spend more time on her breasts. When you see that the woman is quite turned on with your sexual foreplay, turn your attention now to her breasts. Her breasts are highly sensitive to touches and see if you can feel her emotions when touching them with your sexual foreplay.
3. Try out new techniques and positions. There are different ways that you can position yourself during foreplay, like caressing her from the back, face-to-face, or with her lying down and you all over her body. Always seek out new tricks so that foreplay will not become a boring routine before sex.
4. Have good communication. If you want to achieve great sex with her, communication is a must. Tell her what you like, and what she prefers you to do. If she suggests challenging foreplay ideas, take her on.
5. Introduce sex games into foreplay. Good sex games can really arouse the sexual desire of a woman. It creates anticipation which will lead to explosive intercourse later in the night.


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