Saturday, July 3, 2010

1972 Ford Gran Torino

The Torino was redesigned using many characteristics carried over from the previous generation. The 1972 Torino styling emphasized the "long hood short deck" look as well as coke bottle styling more than ever before. The most radical change was a large eggcrate grille in an oval opening on Gran Torinos. Tom McCahill, stated "the gaping grille looks a little like it was patterned after Namu, the killer whale," but also stated that the Torino had "kind of pleasing, no-nonsense styling." Gran Torinos had chrome bezels surrounding the headlamps, while base Torinos had a full width argent eggcrate grille that surrounded the headlights. Base Torinos also used a unique hood and front bumper.

The Torino's front fenders were aggressively flared, the rear fender line swept up towards the roof, and the windshield had a 60 degree rake. The A-pillars and roof were thinner, although the structural integrity remained the same as 1971 models. The rear featured a full width bumper that incorporated thin rectangular tail lights into each bumper end. Window glass was frameless for all models and vent windows vanished from four-door and station wagon models. All Torinos had "DirectAire" ventilation as standard equipment. The Torino incorporated new safety features for 1972, including new flush mount door handles and side door guard rails.


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