Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pros and Cons of an Office Relationship

Ah, the classic office romance. Boy meets girl. Boy pursues girl. Girl swoons over boy. They spend so much time together that a relationship ends up becoming inevitable. Inner-office relationships can be a dream come true or an impending nightmare. The key is to realize that most of these relationships are somewhat of a Catch-22, where the pros and cons are often the same. The key is knowing the boundaries of your relationship and keeping them in check.

Pro/Con #1: You get to spend lots of time together.
How great is it to show up to the office and spend time with your significant other all day long? Sitting at your desk, you might even find yourself wondering if you are really getting paid to hang out with your main squeeze. The biggest pro of being in an office relationship is that you get to see each other more than most couples. The problem with this is that the more time you spend together, the less you might value that time and take your boyfriend or girlfriend for granted. The key is to maintain a solid balance between your job and your personal lives while keeping them separate. Refrain from discussing issues at work while at home and vice versa. Maintaining a professional relationship in the office will allow you to have that quality personal time and attention you both deserve after-hours.

Pro/Con #2: You are dating your boss.
Most people automatically think that dating your boss is the ultimate pro. After all, dating your authority figure means getting special treatment, longer lunches, and all the perks and priveleges you ever dreamed of, right? Wrong. There are many factors that complicate this seemingly perfect scenario. First off, in most cases dating an employee often jeapardizes the integrity of higher-up. Everyone watches like a hawk to see if the mighty boss will bend the rules and show favoritism towards their new love interest. It is important to remember that even the boss has a boss somewhere, and many places do not take lightly the mixing of business with pleasure. To avoid the swarm of gossip and politics that surround these relationships, be sure to always maintain a professional association with one another. If you are the boss, try to not play favorites. This only leads to a loss of respect for you as a superior. As for the employee, realize that it is not worth it to try to throw your weight around. Remember that you are still an employee and just because you are dating the boss does not mean that you are one. Keep it quiet and keep it humble - everyone in the office will appreciate it, especially your better half.

Pro/Con #3: You know all of the same people.
Meeting your new boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends can sometimes be just as nervewrecking as meeting their parents. The comparisons, the judging, the mental stress of wondering what they are going to say about you the second you walk away. Having a relationship with someone you work with prevents you from dealing with this to a certain degree since you know a lot of the same people. If you both enjoy spending time with your coworkers, it makes the initial social scenario very simple. You can easily go hang out in an environment that is comfortable for both of you, allowing you to relax and enjoy each other without worrying about whether or not your friends are enjoying themselves. However, knowing all the same people can often lead to the Big D - drama. The he-said-she-said rumors and gossip can make your office feel more like a small town than a place of business. The key is to keep your personal relationship as private as possible. Do not overindulge - this will keep you both out of the politics and off the cover of the weekly office bulletin.



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aren't there sacred cows anymore?

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nice post!

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nice! I can relate.. haha :D

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