Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breakfast at Antonio's

By now, many may already know that Breakfast at Antonio’s can no longer be found in the old location (Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay). It is now co-located at the equally famous Antonio’s restaurant that many people also love. My family and I discovered a couple of months ago when we decided to take sweetie’s new ride for a spin. The spin took us south of the Metro and face to face with the old abandoned green and white house.

I have never been to Antonio’s before so I was a bit impatient when we rode along the quiet road to almost the end of the strip to enter into a large compound that was Antonio’s. The place was nice. It reminded me of a family home, where you go to visit grandparents and cousins. It emitted that kind of ambience.

They served breakfast at the back of the house, past a large pond filled with bright orange fish. The dining area had an antique feel to it. I think it was partly due to the checkerboard floors, the chandeliers, and the large vases that decorated the place. I even took a picture of the place in sepia and it turned out like an authentic picture from my grandparent’s album.

The male servers were in all white and the female servers wore black uniforms with white aprons, you know the type you see in men’s fantasies or that colds medicine ad shown in local networks.. hehe. I found them adorable and so cute. I felt like a filthy rich matron of the house being served by uniformed servants.. I can dream can’t I?

The weather was chilling to the bones and it didn’t help that the dining area was flanked by a garden which encouraged the air to cool up some more. At any other time, it would have made for a comfortable breakfast but at that time, it only made it hard for us to appreciate the lovely food we ordered.

And truly, I cannot say anything really special about the food. It was okay for breakfast food, although I loved how soft they make their eggs. Nothing spectacular comes to mind and really Breakfast at Antonio’s is visited for the ambience most of the time.

Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay, Tagaytay


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