Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top 10 MUSTS for Every Bachelor Pad

This is a MUST read for guys looking to attract a girlfriend into their lives. I wrote this some time ago, but it is still totally relevant and HELPFUL...

You might be the coolest guy in the world, with great stories, successful career, killer clothes and an awesome social life. However, if your home is not equipped with these 10 essentials, that smooth first impression you made will head south as fast as geese in a snowstorm.

A woman should be excited to see your home. She has enjoyed getting to know you, and is now open to taking things to the next level. She arrives at your door, hoping that you can provide a cool, comfortable and romantic experience. Follow these tips and you'll do that plus more...

1) Clean Bathroom. This is number one for a reason. Please, please don't let her walk in there and find no toilet paper. Right now, go to the bathroom. If you are down to one roll (meaning, the ACTIVE one) stop reading this and go to the store. Buy at least 6 rolls to have on hand. Also, she should never see hair shavings scattered in the sink and a black ring around the tub. She sees never see her again.

2) An Unusual or Exotic Coffee or Tea. If she doesn't drink alcohol, she will really appreciate this touch. A good place to find either item is in a gourmet grocery store. Get fresh ground coffee or fresh tea leaves. Coffee in a can or tea bags doesn't cut it here.

3) Entertainment. No Barry White or Marvin Gaye, they are just beyond comical and cliché. Try Portishead, Coldplay or Ben Harper. Also, have at least half a dozen movies that you can pull out in a moments notice. You are looking for something that sets a romantic, yet fun mood. Here are some suggestions: Don Juan DeMarco, Annie Hall, There's Something About Mary, Arthur, Casablanca, Hitch, and Sidewalks of New York are all great options.

4) One Special Recipe. You don't need the cooking expertise of Daniel Boulud, but it is important, not to mention impressive, that you be able to prepare at least one good meal. After selecting your signature dish, consult the local wine shop for the perfect match. A suggestion: baked fish is simple, healthy, elegant, and can be combined with a light vegetable or two. Also, go the extra mile by buying a small, tasty tart or cake from the local bakery for dessert. The result: an unforgettable, gourmet meal that separates you from the pack.

5) Non-fluorescent Mood Lighting. Overhead lighting tends to wash-out color and feel stark. Have areas lit by lamps, adding to the romantic mood. Also, if you have a lava lamp, toss that in the garbage along with the tie-dyed t-shirts. Or, at least hide them in the closet.

6) Wine. Always have 2 bottles of wine on hand, one red and one white. No need to go overboard, but don't skimp either and buy "Boone's Farm". $20 per bottle is plenty. Also, be sure to own wine glasses. Have at least four on hand, as they break easily.

7) Hide the Video Games. Nothing says "lazy, loser, and adolescent" like an X-box on the floor in front of your TV. Video games are female repellant. Why? I'll never know. It's like trying to uncover the mystery of why girls go to the bathroom in packs...

8) Family Photo. Let her know you came from somewhere; that you weren't dropped on earth last week in the bar where you met. It's certainly comforting for her to know this, but even better to SEE it. A solo picture of mom is a major plus here too.

9) Semi-Stocked Fridge. Make sure there is more than a bottle of ketchup and half a six pack of Bud. Have some snacks that you won't need to prepare. Ice cream, fresh fruit, chocolate, and cheese are all great, light foods. Also, for a sophisticated, simple snack try sliced tomatoes with basil and mozzarella. It bespeaks sophistication and intelligence, while not requiring hours of preparation.

10) Shorts and a Tee Shirt. Have a spare for her if she decides to stay over. Don't buy a pair of shorts with a size 25 waist; she'll either think they're from a previous girl or that you're a player. Get one that would fit you, but with a drawstring; very inconspicuous, and thoughtful.

Having a clean place can make up for a lack of any of these points. Keeping clean shows respect for your guests. At minimum, be sure the kitchen is clean with no old dishes in the sink, and no dirty clothes scattered on the floor. Most importantly - the bed MUST be made.

Overall your place needs to look neither fussy nor girly. This is a bachelor pad, so let it be obvious that a single man lurks within. Your place should reflect you and do so effectively. If you have any questions, invite a female friend over for lunch, and ask for her no-holds-barred opinion.

Be sure your home is inviting and comfortable for her first visit, so she wants to come back for a second...


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