Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to... Touch and Manipulate

Remember our post about "How to... Initiate Skin Contact?" Although we view contact as the first step, in well, sex, TOUCH is something that we need to make someone do something for us. It can even make a stranger do your bidding - even if it entails looking after a very large and excited dog.
By Kristaps B. from Tukums, Latvia via Wikimedia Commons

According to a study in 2002 at the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France and we quote:

“The effect of touch on compliance to a request has traditionally been tested with small solicitation (answer to a small questionnaire, give a dime to a confederate ….). In our experiment a larger request was evaluated. Passersby, 53 men and 67 women, were asked by two confederates to look after a large and very excited dog for 10 minutes because each wanted to go into a pharmacy where animals were prohibited. In half of the cases, subjects were touched during the request. Analysis showed that, when touched, 55% of the subjects agreed with the request whereas 35% only in the no-touch control condition agreed. This finding indicates that touch was positively associated with the subjects’ compliance (p<.03).”

Now if "large and very excited dog" would translate to something more "sexual" in nature, that would really be next step.

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