Thursday, March 31, 2011

Voltes V

Voltes V

"Let's Volt In!"

Admit it. Whenever Steve Armstrong shouts this, everybody and anybody just pushes an imaginary button and imagine his Volt Cruiser folding until all of Voltes V forms. Who didn't get teary-eye when Mother Armstrong, Gen. Robinson or Dr. Smith sacrificed their lives? or would have wanted a tentacled Octo-1 robot?

Both Generations X and Y all grew up and identified with the Voltes team. Steve, the sharpshooter. Mark, the cowbow. Big Bert, the karate master. Little John, the genius. And Jamie, the ninja. (Quick question, who did Jamie end up with - Steve or Mark?)

And before the Transformers invaded our collective consciousness, everone wanted a die-cast 5-piece Voltes V robot which you can disassemble into its five components - Volt Cruiser (head), Volt Bomber (arms), Volt Panzer (torso), Volt Frigate (legs) & Volt Lander (feet). And then re-assemble all over again.

Plus who wouldn't want an Ultraelectromagnetic Top? Even the Eraserheads named their first album to Voltes V as tribute. Who are we to argue?

And when finally the big reveal that the Armstrong brothers and Price Zardoz are actually siblings, you gotta admit you forgave your own bullying brothers.

Voltes V - you get a Poging Pogi lang tribute!

And here's a video of that iconic volt-in.

Image from taclobanon@deviantart

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