Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to... Live With a Nymphomaniac

A nymphomaniac is the old term describing a woman who can never have enough sex. Living with such a person can be hard at times, even if you're her usually willing partner. Coping is important for both of you, but she may not always realize how much of a difficult person she is being, nor that she has an addiction problem. here is what to do.

Expect her to be demanding sexually. You need to talk it through if you can't meet her expectations though. And let her know it's not because she isn't wonderful, just that it's too much too often for you.

Try to accept her attention seeking behavior. It's very unlikely that you will be enough man for her. She is likely to flirt with many men she fancies and she'll expect them to reciprocate. If she just does this and doesn't follow through, then learn to deal with it. If, however, she takes things further with other guys, this is an issue of infidelity that you must face.

Keep out of her firing range. There will be times when you deny her sexual urges and she becomes angry, irritable, and even enraged. The best you can do is find a place away from her until she cools down.

Suggest that she see a doctor and then a psychiatric specialist. Offer to go along with her. But don't be surprised if she asks "why?" because she doesn't see anything wrong with how she is behaving. Tell her like it is: "You're a sex addict, baby, and you need help."

Be aware that sex addicts will deny their addiction. She will probably come up with a raft of excuses to avoid facing the real issues. She might even tell you that the problem rests with you. Take it in your stride and keep suggesting that she seek counseling.

Expect moodiness and frequent mood swings, including some irrationality about the point of being in a relationship. Ask her if she finds sex with you boring. If she does, she will betray herself when she replies.

SOURCE: wikiHow

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