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Sarah Estoque - Babe Of The Month

Sarah Estoque - Babe Of The Month

Sarah Estoque - Babe Of The Month

Filipina beauty at it's Best! Meet Sarah Estoque, Poging Pogi Lang's 1st ever Babe Of The Month. We had the opportunity of interviewing Sarah and it was a blast.

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Sarah Estoque - Babe Of The Month
PPL: Hi Sarah! Thanks for allowing us to interview you. How are you doing?
Sara: I'm doing great!

PPL: Can you tell us something about yourself? Studying, working or both?
Sara:  Right now I am trying to keep myself busy since I just graduated last year from college.I am planning to pursue my PhD in I-O Psychology and working part time as an HR-generalist.

PPL: More! Your talents and skills we don't know?
Sara: I can sing maybe not as good as Mariah Carey but I've been singing since I was 3. I also dance specifically latin dances such as cuban salsa, rumba, and reggaeton.

PPL: What do you do on your free time?
Sara: I cook or bake! I make new recipes or improvise other people's recipes, cooking has been always a passion of mine.

PPL: Okay enough with the lousy questions. What and/or who made you go for modeling?
Sara: My friends. I never thought of myself into this kind of thing but with their encouragement I tried it and now I do it as a hobby.

PPL: What's the best photo shoot concept you ever had? Details please!
Sara: My shoot with Seiji and Yukie Photography. Yukie and I are bestfriends so I was very comfortable being in front of him. I was also very involved with the concept of the shoot including the clothes and makeup.And with that collaboration the outcome was stunning, it was just as planned.

PPL: How comfortable are you with yourself? Can you name 3 best assets you have?
Sara: I am very happy and comfortable with myself, I think that confidence is what makes a woman stand out from the others," if you feel good you look good"

Sara: I think 3 of my best assets are my brains, my lips, and my cheeks.

PPL: Do you have a boyfriend?
Sara: Yes.

PPL: Lucky guy… what type of girlfriend are you?
Sara: Exciting, Unpredictable, and creative

PPL: Everyone's gotta have some petpeeves, and what is yours?
  • I hate the sound of slurping and chewing with your mouth open!
  • Bad odor specifically bad breath
  • pit stains

PPL: Given you'll have a romantic time with your man, what can he do to turn you on?
Sara: Sense of humour and being a gentleman.

PPL: Ultimate question: Would you meet us when you come here? (Fingers-crossed) =p
Sara: Sure. I would love to

PPL: So what can the fans expect from Sarah Estoque in the future?
Sara: Well i have a lot of plans lined up for my future, but my top 3 main goals are the following, obtaining my Phd in Industrial Organizational Psychology, work in a corporate environment, and start my own restaurant business on the side.


To get to know Sarah Estoque more, you can go to Sarah's official Facebook Fan Page.

NOTE: We did not know what happened to the original post. Apologies to Sarah and her fans.

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