Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Fubu is My Ex

My Fubu is My Ex

Being friends with your ex can sometimes be a bit awkward but it is kind a healthy because you are being mature and have moved on from the past relationship. But sometimes this is the opportunity you want to take advantage, you want to rekindle the physical spark and the intimate memories you had.

My Fubu is My Ex
What will you do if you bump into your ex-girlfriend? Invite her to go out for a coffee and catch up, or sleep with her and pretend nothing happens?

You might be over your ex but not the sex. Exes are vulnerable in this kind of situation, specially if you had a really great sex when you are still together. You love the sex but you both know getting together is not a good idea. Having sex with your ex is a better option than doing it with random girls in the bar or in the mall. But be careful, making your ex as your sex buddy is a bit risky, you have to be aware and be prepared on the expectations. It might hurt you or her or worst, both of you.

Here are some tips to avoid getting back together or getting yourself hurt:

  1. Don’t Make It a Habit. Don’t do it regularly or every weekend, or this might become a habit. This might lead into a relationship. That’s not good.
  2. Make Your Intentions Clear. This will sounds brutal and insensitive but you have to tell her that this is only for sex. It should have be clear to the both of you that you have no interest of getting back together.
  3. No Expectations. Do not get mad if she’s on a date with other guys, set your jealousy aside. You have to be prepared in this situation! Set your mind that you are not together, you are not in a relationship with her and you love the free sex, free sex, free sex.
  4. No Chaperone Duty. Avoid favors like going with her on occasions like family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, etc. Another reason why you are not together, to avoid the awkward moment of meeting relatives and bitchy friends.
  5. Just Friends. She’s not your girlfriend anymore. Keep that in mind.

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