Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beryl Refe Reututar: Girlfriend of the Month

Beryl Refe Reututar: Girlfriend of the Month

PPL: “Hi Beryl thanks for allowing us to have you here. How's it going?”
Beryl: “No worries! I'm good, how are you?”

PPL: “Nice , I’m good too, thanks! BTW, How do you end up being interviewed here?”

Beryl: “Oh come on, you asked me for this one. Haha and I gladly i accepted it.”

PPL: “LOL! All for the PPL guys and our readers! Okay let's know you better. Basic info please!”
Beryl: “I’m Beryl Refe Reututar, Filipino-chinese-spanish descent, I'm 21.. will be 22 in about 2 weeks, a proud Benildian from De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde”

PPL: “Oh BTW Happy 100th Years to DLSU!”
Beryl : “Animo La Salle! #DLSU100!” There, I majored in business administration (though my 1st choice was fashion design). Currently lives in Valenzuela and working in OSRP (PC Mall, Inc) with you guys! LOL

PPL: “LOL thanks! So what do you mostly do on your free time?”
Beryl: “Now that I am no student anymore and been working 5 days a week, I frequently go to spa to relax. A good massage will do and good food, oh and I just enrolled in a yoga class recently.”

PPL: “Really cool! Do you have any vices?”
Beryl: “Vices? I do drink but not smoke and definitely no to drugs! Chos! Hahaha! I don’t drink and drive too!”

PPL: "I like it mixed" or "the hell with the belly i'm a beer drinker"?
Beryl: “I like it mixed”

PPL: “What's an epic meal for you?”
Beryl: “Pig out time for me would be full carbs and sweets, pasta, pizza, pastries. Very seldom lang yan, say whenever i am depressed. That’s normal with a girl like me.

PPL: “okay prolly them so called "hormones" - it's hard to explain.”
Beryl: “hahaha probably!”

PPL: “You are working night shift right, with all of the stress and the lack of sleep, how do you take care of yourself and keep the pretty face?”
Beryl “Haha good question, I have been asked quite a few times ‘bout that. I’d say I maintain my simple beauty regimen. I still watch the food I eat, I exercise at least once or twice a week (by exercise I mean yoga and some cardio exercises) I cheat every now and then though. Haha and yeah cosmetics are on haha! Oh and water lots and lots of water!”

PPL: “Wow! So that’s what’s on!”
Beryl: “My everyday make up would be moisturizer, sun block, light powder, liquid blush, a lip balm and concealer for the unwanted blemishes too.”

PPL: “Okay, if there are ladies reading this, this is one of the secrets to keeping a sweet pretty face!”

PPL: “In a relationship, single for life, or happy-single-and-looking?”
Beryl: “How about single-happy-and waiting for Mr. Right?”

PPL: “Hahaha, yes that's an answer! If it's cool, can you tell us how your last relationship went?

Beryl: “I only had 3 relationships and the recent wasn't really that good. I consider it the worst relationship I had so far”

PPL: “May kelangan bang gulpihin si Micah? Hahaha”
Beryl: “Haha yes please!”

PPL: “Okay let's talk about that after the interview (summoning-the-slimmer’s world-power) What type of studs get your attention?”

Beryl: “Hahaha physically - tall enough, well built, and moreno! hehe I'm not saying he has to have a  perfect body ah basta wala lang tyan na malaki! I like simple-torpe type of guy with a bad boy look and a good boy attitude (meron ba nun?)” 

PPL: Guys you need to cut down the beer cases! Hahaha! She’ll go for the bad boy looking saints! Readers take note! LOL

PPL: “Okay, how about dislikes / petpeeves?”
Beryl: “Obnoxious guys! I think it’s a no-no to all girls. I’m speaking for the majority of girls. And that practically says it all.” 

PPL: “What can he do to get a date with you?
Beryl: “Simple lang, show some confidence lang by asking for a date. Not by cockiness.”

PPL: Guys I'm spoonfeeding all of you with all these info!
Beryl: “Haha! And the simpler the hotter!”

PPL: "If you are caught between the love of your life and career (let's say you're about to get married to the awesomest guy and you had the once in a lifetime dream job offer abroad and he doesn't want you to) which would you choose?
Beryl: “good question! I haven’t encountered that question yet. Well I’m young, so I would choose career. But if luckily I get both I would be the most blessed girl in the world! Because an awesome guy is rare ah, sobra!”

PPL: “Ahem, endangered nga daw talaga ang mga Poging-Pogi Lang. Hahaha!”
Beryl: “Hahaha yeah!”

PPL: Last question, In behalf of the PPL guys: We are not inviting ourselves if you're throwing a party for your upcoming bday hahaha! But maybe hangout with the PPL guys sometime? :P”
Beryl: “Hahaha nice hirit ah.. I’m ok with that we're officemates and I get to be the first girl featured sa new segment niyo of course I would not say no to that.”

PPL: “Well…” haha! Thanks for your time Beryl, see you!”
Beryl: “Hahaha, see you guys!”

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