Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What are... Barsexuals?


  1. A heterosexual girl or woman who partakes in any sort of sexual or promiscuous activity with another female to get attention from males. This usually takes the form of making out, and to a lesser extent, grinding or dry humping with another female.
  2. This is a common sight at bars (hence the word barsexual) but can also be found at any party, especially frat parties.
  3. The reason for such acts has baffled researchers for years, but it is thought that they seek attention, free drinks, or are prudes too scared to get with men.
  4. The condition in which women intentionally become more open to kissing other women in front of an audience, typically in a bar or club, especially when the audience is comprised of men holding free drinks.

from UrbanDictionary.com
Image from The Tyra Show

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