Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to... Shave Your Genitals (Male)

Bringing a sharp instrument close to your genitals can be intimidating; but with preparation, time, and practice, shaving your genital area can be an easy task.

Buy a beard or hair trimmer and trim the pubic area to less than 1/4". This will make the hair easier to shave later. Longer hair is more likely to clog a razor. Using a beard trimmer will work better than scissors and it will cut the hair shorter. If you use a clipper make sure you use a 00000 blade on it, if you do it will cut almost as close as a razor blade.

  • Avoid using an electric razor on the scrotum. The skin of the scrotum is so thin and loose that it can be caught by the shaver, and this is extremely painful. If for some reason you still feel you should use a men's electric razor, avoid shaving down the center of the underside of the penis and on the center of the scrotum, as a cut there is also extremely painful.

Take a hot shower. This will soften the hair.

Get in position. Ensure the room you are using for shaving will be private for at least an hour (or however long you think the process will take). Consider shaving late at night. Also remember to clean the area afterwords--having others find stray shaven pubic hairs can be unpleasant for them and embarrassing for you.

  • Consider shaving sitting in a very shallow hot bath. The hot water in the bath will prepare the area for shaving better than showering. Your body will be very stable (you are sitting down) and your genitals are very accessible. You also have a handy source of water in which to rinse the razor. If this is not possible consider shaving sitting down, ideally on the floor for ease of access and stability.
  • If you use the edge of a toilet seat to sit on, letting your pubic area sit over a garbage can while shaving, the mess will be next to nothing to clean up.
  • If you prefer standing, try shaving in your shower. Just make sure to stand out of the water to avoid watering down your shave lather, and constantly rinse your blade. By shaving at the start of the shower, you will let any cuts close themselves and thus avoid any stains in your clothes.

Lather the area with shaving cream intended for sensitive skin. Avoid menthol or heavily scented creams as they will irritate the area. Using an antibacterial shaving gel will minimize irritation caused by bacteria getting into your pores and hair follicles. Also, these types of shave gels are clear, allowing you to see the terrain as you shave.

Using a new 3 or 4 bladed razor, shave each area using short, very light strokes. The key in shaving the genital area is to always make sure the section of skin you're shaving is taut; shaving loose skin can lead to cuts, because the skin will move with the razor and create an uneven surface.

The following tips are for shaving against the direction of growth (which produces the smoothest shave) but note that if you first shave in the direction the hair is growing, you will shorten most of it. Then shaving in the opposite direction will be easier.

  • Pulling the penis downward, shave from the top of the penis upward to the navel.
  • Holding the penis to the side, shave inwards in the sides of it and in the sides of the scrotum.
  • Holding the penis upward, shave downwards carefully from the penis to the lower part of the scrotum.
  • The scrotum is much easier to shave if the skin is extended. The scrotum should be shaved from the middle front part of it, to the sides, with extreme care.

Rinse off and wash the area using mild soap.

Use some antiseptic cream to minimize skin irritation. If you are shaving the first or second time it will most likely irritate the skin, once the hair starts growing back. This can lead to itching and redness. This will be gone within a week roughly and once you start shaving more often it will stop.

SOURCE: wikihow.com

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