Monday, June 28, 2010

How to... be a Gentleman

Male or female, we all appreciate decency and good manners. Whether we are recipients or the ones displaying such good etiquette, it is the act that is often remembered long after the display has been shown. Follow these suggestions to become the gentleman you were born to be.

Step 1
Ask her about herself and her interests. Try not to monopolize the conversation by talking about yourself constantly.

Step 2
Tell her she looks nice and express interest in engaging in activities she enjoys. Make plans that are convenient to her and be on time.

Step 3
Use speech that is decent and polite. Refrain from using profanity at all times. It is crude and impolite to be vulgar--not the etiquette of a gentleman. When dining out pull out her chair for her. Ask her what she would like rather than order for her.

Step 4
Keep check on your emotions. Loosing your temper indicates a lack of control of yourself. By behaving decently you will bring to her attention that you are level headed and can handle yourself in stressful situations.

Step 5
Refrain from staring. She might be intimidated by such actions and will wonder what the problem is. It will make her feel uncomfortable. A gentleman always seeks to make people feel at ease.

Step 6
Allow her to complete her thoughts. Interrupting someone shows a lack of social skills. Proper etiquette is to show that you are interested in what she has to say more so than you are interested in adding your two cents.

Step 7
Respect her wishes at all times. Don't assume anything.



nesta said...

basic stuff every man should know... and master! nice one!

Nix Ricafort said...

Things I look for all the time!
Step 2 never fails to give us a blush... Something that will make us giggle when we're alone or with girl friends.

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