Friday, July 23, 2010

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

1. Jewelry is always acceptable. But not just any jewelry should be purchased. You should put some thought into it, maybe something with her birthstone or if it's really serious, go with a diamond something. Women love jewelry, you can't go wrong here. Please no rings or earrings - go with a bracelet or a necklace with a nice pendant. This gift idea is always a little on the pricey side but well worth the smile when she opens it.

2. Clothes are another good selection. Maybe you want to get her that sexy lingerie you saw last week? Really a sweater is nice and also any kind of pajamas. Your girl is a sports nut like you? Get her favorite team's jersey or a sweatshirt with their logo on it. One thing to remember here is that gift certificates are not acceptable to us women and make sure you find out the correct size. You can be sneaky about it too - just check an article of her clothing while she is say in the bathroom?

3. A trip for two for a weekend. This idea gives a chance for relaxation and quality alone time. It's a perfect idea! Maybe she likes to ski? Or maybe she hates the cold weather? Place preference depends on the couple but it's a nice thought. Who wouldn't want a romantic weekend getaway given to them?

4. Your girlfriend drives a lot whether for work or personal reasons; she is just always on the road. Why not get her satellite radio? And makes sure her subscription is paid for 6 months or a year.

5. Get with the latest technology. Get her an IPOD or another form of an MP3 player. And makes sure you include a dock for home and car so it can travel everywhere with her. And she can be up to date with technological advances.

6. Try not to go the music/movie or CD/DVD route. But if you do, make a whole gift basket for her. Her favorite movie of all time on DVD and her favorite band's new CD that she has been eyeing would be great. Then add in a few extras. This depends on what she likes but a few ideas include: a snack type food, bottle of wine, chocolate, a book, computer game or video game (make sure she likes it first!), candles, bath and body products.

7. Maybe there is something in her home that she needs like a TV or DVD player. Or maybe there is a piece of furniture she has been wanting. Again this can be pricey but at least it's something she wanted!

8. Does your girlfriend own her own home? Does she rent an apartment? Either way, framed art is a very awesome idea. Think about what she likes and the colors that are in her living room/bedroom/etc. And pick something

9. Another thing she may need or want is a digital camera. Maybe she wants one but hasn't been able to buy one. Or she's afraid to buy something she doesn't know much about. Or she has one that is old and not so advanced. Upgrade her!

10. Any gift from the heart. Anything you think long and hard about she will like. What about flowers for a year or an edible arrangement? Just remember this, whatever you buy for her - you should KNOW she would like it and be just as excited to open it, as you are to give it to her. And she loves you not the gifts you give her!



Faye Andrea said...

And she loves you not the gifts you give her! - True! :D

nesta said...

never give her a watch!

Nix Ricafort said...

Any gift from the heart always wins!

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