Friday, July 23, 2010

Starcraft II is scheduled for release on the 7/27

Jim Raynor is back with a vengeance against the Confederacy, Sarah Kerrigan is hotter than ever though covered in roach-like goo, and still the indecipherable nasal mumbo-jumbo of the Zergs. They're all back. Hoooooly fraaaak!

After Blizzard announced the ongoing project development  three years ago it is woop-woop finally here.  The baddest of all asses. The motherest of all ships. The intercoolest of all the intercoolers. The... you get the point. If any of you lucky tards got the chance to be on the Beta - screw you! It is finally here!

The only shame, I won't get to hear Terran Med schicksagoddesses (or however Howard would spell that out) coo "Where does it hurt?" in the most stimulatingly risquest manner would turn anyone to bat a sinister snicker while slowly leading her tronic attention to their most private part - mine is on my right shoulder.

Let's start fragging some frigging swarms already. As my favorite 'lings would say, "Ngrrraaaark!"

The 27th really can't come any sooner.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

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