Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DMI HT510 8' Air Hockey Table

The DMI HT510 8' Air Hockey Table brings all the fun of the arcade to your home. This air hockey table features the new Goal Flex 180. Goal Flex Technology uses motion detecting LED light bars to set goal sizes by player and gives more game options. The LED light bars are better than standard immovable goal slots. More fun and excitement. Goal Flex allows players to customize games for handicapping or adding exciting interactive features.

As an extra benefit, since there are no goal slots, the puck never leaves the play surface, allowing for continuous, fast-paced play.The fully programmable computer inside the easy-to-use console unit is capable of running more than 180 game variations, so now players can program goals to change in size, move during play, even adjust for power plays! Goals can also split in two, allowing for 2-on-1, or 2-on-2 play. DMI Sports has engineered the first truly "high-tech" hockey table.

• 16 Goal Flex LED lights let you customize game play like never before.
• Side scoring display shows both score and time remaining.
• Aluminum laminate rails give true deflection with minimal energy transfer for fast rebound play.
• Commercial grade blower motor for maximum air flow, which equates to smooth puck glide.
• A thin profile design with sleek rounded corners with aluminum plating will bring a modern look to your game room.
• Aluminum finishing trim runs the length of the table to give this piece an truly appealing look.
• Arched leg design provides great stability.
• Legs feature adjustable levelers to accommodate intense game play.
• Table tennis conversion top
• Table dimensions: 96" x 48"


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