Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to... Make a Beer Bong

How to... Make a Beer Bong
Things You'll Need:
• Funnel
• Tubing
• Clamps
• Ball valve (optional)

Step 1
Go to your local hardware store and buy a funnel. Preferably get a large funnel with a wide opening as the size determines the amount of liquid that can be added to a single session.

Step 2
Choose a tube for the beer bong. It must be about 2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter, wide enough to allow for a rapid flow of beer but not too wide to strain your mouth. Cut the tube to half the length of your body if the beer bong is intended to be used individually, but it can be any length provided you have someone who can reach high enough.

Step 3
Fasten the funnel to the tube and seal the passage with tape or clamps.

Step 4
Purchase a valve if desired. While you can simply bend the end of the tube to block the flow of beer while you prepare to drink, a ball valve provides a more aesthetically pleasing means of achieving this.

Step 5
Customize your beer bong with decals, spray paint or heavy usage.

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nesta said...

Step 6: Get wasted in under 10 mins! :D

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