Monday, September 6, 2010

Do's and Don'ts... Bachelor Party

Bachelor party planning entails more effort and thought than you probably think. Many newlywed couples have fought over freshly-surfaced pictures of a groom having some adult fun with a female entertainer. While bachelor parties, or stag parties, shouldn't be boring, your main concern should be throwing a stag night that's fun and memorable, but wouldn't cross the line of what's "acceptable" for the bride.

So how do you make sure your bachelor party won't be something that the groom will regret and the wife will hate? Be considerate when planning the stag party. The following are some Do's and Don'ts that you'll have to take into consideration when planning out your best bud's big night.

Do: Make sure that the groom is comfortable with the type of party you're planning.

Don't: Plan the party to suit your interests. Put the groom first, so to speak!

While heading to a strip club may seem like the best kind of stag party for you and the rest of the groom's closest friends and family members, if the groom doesn't drink or approve of bars and strip joints, then respect his wishes.

True. The bachelor party should be a pleasant surprise for the groom. But you don't have to ask him point-blank what type of party he'd prefer right before you throw the stag night. If the groom is a close friend of yours, then you should already have an idea on what type of fun the groom prefers. For all you know, the groom might actually want to head out fishing for his bachelor's party.

If you're unsure on what type of party to have, then consult with the groom. No, you don't have to tell him everything you have planned, but simply asking whether he'd prefer a "Mild get-together" or a "Wild night out" can give you an idea on the type of stag night you'd have to throw.

Do: Be careful with who you invite to the stag night.

Don't: Invite just any male from the groom or bride's side.

A night out with the boys can be the best way for a groom to wave goodbye to his bachelorhood. But before you start calling every single male invited to the wedding for a quick trip to a hotel room where female entertainers are waiting-consider the possible events in the party and how that would affect the groom's relationship with all the people you just invited.

For example, the bride's father may not appreciate seeing the groom getting a lap dance from another woman. In fact, that's almost certainly going to cause conflict between the two males.

If you must, throw two parties. One for the groom and his closest male friends, and one for the benefit of the more conservative male crowd in the family.

Do: Throw the bachelor's party way before the actual wedding day.

Don't: Have the party the night before the wedding.

No bride would want her groom to be bloated and reeking of beer as he stumbles through his vows. That's why it's customary for bachelor parties to happen either weeks or months before the actual wedding.

Do: Ask for financial help from the rest of the people attending the party.

Don't: Shoulder all the expenses.

Just because you're the Best Man, doesn't mean you should be the one paying for the entire party. Of course, the groom gets a free pass. But the rest of the guys attending the stag night should fork over some cash.

Amounts may vary depending on the attendee's financial situation. Be considerate when asking for "donations". For example, if one of the attendee's can't give you cash, then ask them to pay in kind-by acting as the treasurer or by helping out with the bachelor party planning.

Do: Have a hotel room or house ready for people who want to recuperate after the party.

Don't: Send the groom home to his soon-to-be bride all drunk and disconcerted.

Sending the groom home and babbling about everything he's seen and done in his stag night is sure to be huge trouble between him and his lovely bride.

The best way you can avoid conflict between the two is by asking the groom and the rest of his buds to sleep over. That way, everyone can clean up the next day and follow the cardinal rule of bachelor parties: "What happens in the stag party, stays in the stag party."


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