Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do's and Don'ts... Dealing With a Breakup

You feel like he was the ONE and you will never be happy again. You can't eat, you don't want to see your friends, and you are moody, irritable, chain smoking mess.

Dealing with breakup can be hell. It can also be a blessing in disguise.

Remember that the happiest people are not the ones that have the best luck, but that can deal with the cards they are given.

And you never really know which way the chips are going to fall after a breakup. He may come running back, begging, or you may get swept off your feet by a gorgeous Russian prince. You never know. But if you abide by these do's and don'ts you can save yourself a lot of heartache and embarrassment in the meantime

What you should DO:
  • Meet new people, start dating again and fill up your life
  • Get new interest and hobbies. Nothing changes if nothing changes. If you want him back you have to show him what he is missing!
  • Get a new look - nothing screams "moving on" more than a new, more attractive appearance
  • Reconnect with friends - they will lighten the load, and who know - they may help you to find someone new
  • Have a deep belief that there are many positives to be gained from this experience - maybe you will reconnect with your ex in a new, improved way, or perhaps there is someone even better waiting for you. Dream big. Anything is possible and ALWAYS expect the best
  • Never ever settle for less - don't go running back to the same old problems just because you are grieving. Grieving is natural and normal. If there was caring, there will be grieving

What you should NOT do:
  • Text bombing - you know what this means, I don't have to get into it. Don't do it. Period
  • Call them several times a day, wailing.
  • Block your caller id, rinse and repeat previous step
  • As above, but get a new number. You are really getting the hang of this!
  • Let yourself go. This is the time when you should be looking your BEST
  • Avoid going out in case he calls and wants to meet up. He won't. It's a universal law - when you are waiting for him to call, he wont. Don't try to analyze it, accept it and get out of your self imposed hell hole
  • Bargain, plead, cry, beg or any of the other humiliating acts of desperation. You will hate yourself later and so will he
  • Play stupid jealousy games whereby you turn up to places he is at with your "New Man". Too obvious.
  • Call his friends, family or co-workers. Two words: Bunny boiler.
  • Call him to tell you how happy you are. One word: Liar.
  • Go over to get your "things" back. Who are you kidding? The only thing you really want to get back is him. You know it and so does he. Stay out of the 5mile radius of his home. No exceptions.

SOURCE: ezinearticles.com

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