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China Yoo - Babe of the Month

Meet China Yoo, Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for October

Meet China Yoo, Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for October

PPL: For the ignorant and uninformed, can you tell us something about yourself?
China: China Yoo, 26 years old, 34 -25- 36, Currently in Philippines, Film Maker/Model (Freelancer)

PPL: How long have you been modeling?
China: I started when I was 18 so right now it's been 9 years now in total.

PPL: What is it that you confidently have, among the others, which gets you the modeling gigs?
China: I know how to run the business of modeling more than being a pretty face. I started from the bottom till the top and all I have to do now is maintain it so as how a normal business goes.

PPL: With the numerous models emerging, are there any physical features you wish you had or to be improved?
China: Yay!!! I don't know.. I'm not gonna be saying my body is perfect but I like how it is and there's nothing I want to change. Maybe I wish I never had a single pimple.. that would be good. :)

PPL: Are you currently in a relationship? (if no, why not?)
China: No I'm not, because I have been dating the wrong guys. LOL!  Seriously because I haven't found the one that matches up to my standards. I'm picky in a sense but I love people. Just really careful when it comes to concerns of the heart I should say.

PPL: what makes a guy "POGI" in your eyes?
China: A man who knows how to dress well, handles himself well. Not egoistic and has a heart of a human but a soul of a knight. it's more of how they talk and bring themselves which makes me see how attractive they are. I grew up with supermodels and models so a good face sometimes doesn't attract me so say: "He's hot!"

PPL: What makes somebody "boyfriend-worthy"?
China: Someone who can always be there for you to share your life with you and to experience things together and learn from each other. A boyfriend is a ground where in you actually share the friendship with someone more than getting into serious matters, that when I call engagement but whoever has the gutts to know me for my heart is worthy enough to be friend and someone to actually walk it beside me is worthy to be called a boyfriend.

PPL: What turns you on?
China: Ton's of stuff, I like how a man treated my brother before when I dated him and it turns me on. I like a man with breeding and gentle inside but hard and tough on the outside. Considerate, caring all the things a girl would want but nothing much into specifics. I go mostly and normally let time reveal itself and discoveries does turn me on.

Meet China Yoo, Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for OctoberMeet China Yoo, Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for OctoberMeet China Yoo, Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for October

PPL: We want to hear your views! What comes to your mind whe you hear the following words? why?

Sacred and dangerous!  Being single and seeing how things work around me. I see couples fall in love and say goodbye and I also saw couples who are madly in love with each other after being together for more than 30 years. so it can be sacred as well as it can be dangerous. Marrying the wrong person is like poisoning yourself slowly everyday.

I'm not into divorce as much as possible, but ill only make exception for three things: 

  1. If someone cheated. 
  2. if you guys can't really even see each others faces. 
  3. if physical hurting is involve. I think it's time for a judge to step in the middle and end a tragedy.

social media sites responsibilities
Social media is a powerful tool in reaching people so the more they involve people into being active in the right sites. the more it will be helpful for everyone's personal and social life. the more they get violent the more distractive information comes in and so as it's effects. Let's just say everyone is responsible for himself, that goes for the moral of social media sites as well.

the RH bill
My family is involved in government as well. I can't say which bill should be granted and not.  They say the smoking ban for example is a waste of time and they should be focusing on curruption and all these sorts of stuff. In my view, as long as the government tries to raise/improve the country then they should do what they have to do. Glad I never had the dream to be the president of a country ever since. I'll leave that for the people who are passionate about it.

Honestly, it's the best way to waste your time. I think there is a moment in a persons life that they need to find happiness being alone and having flings with it's headaches is never worth it in my perspective.

safe sex
Definitely a must. Educating everyone about safe sex is a must... It might actually save a person's life.

My life is circulating through my phone. Everything I do with business, family, social life, traveling is in my phone. I'm a pro-texter.. In anyway there is fast communication. that's good for me.

Evolving to the new century, I don't just think of sex as sex itself. There are limitations into everything and there is a big difference on having sex for the sake of it and making love with someone you have a connection with. I don't say all people whould get married before having sex nor am I saying try it as soon as you can. Sex is an idea each mind creates and for me it's one of the most beautiful thing people share to connect with each other. Abusing it will place it's beauty into waste.

dating Filipino and foreign men
I think it's not a matter of what nationality a man has or where he came from worldly saying. I always tell people what matters is the person the nationality can make you understand that being more with culture, practices.. all those sort of stuff. but in term of dating someone. I think you should date the person and not their passports.

PPL: Who are your top 3 male celebrities which you would consider having a "fling" with?
China: I don't believe in flings cause I never had one. But let's just say: 3 top hottest guy in the world for me? - Mark Wahlberg, My ex boyfriends.

PPL: If you were shipwrecked on an island - what should be there? Who would you want to spend it with?
China: I need my phone, my sunscreen, food, clothes, water, pillows, comforter, purfume and laptop with unlimited wifi. I'll spend it with my bestfriend Jaclyn Chua. we've been friends since 3rd grade.. :)

PPL: What would you prefer?

beer or wine?

steak or seafood?

heels or flats?

Windows or Mac?

red nails or french tips?
French tips

rocker or hiphop guy?

brad pitt or angelina jolie?
Angelina Jolie

Samsung or iPhone?

on the bed or off the bed?

boxers or briefs?

Classy dinner or home cooked meal?
classy dinner

bad boy or good boy look?

PPL: Finally what do our readers expect from China Yoo soon? Plans and/or any upcoming projects/ gigs? 
China: Follow me at @China_Yoo on Twitter and my Facebook Fan Page.

Meet China Yoo, Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for OctoberMeet China Yoo, Poging Pogi Lang's Babe of the Month for October


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"...has a heart of a human but a soul of a knight."

"Fling is the best way to waste your time."


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"flings - Honestly, it's the best way to waste your time.' NICE!!!

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