Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to... Deal With a Drunk Date

Many dates are centered on alcohol. This is not surprising. Alcohol helps people loosen up and speak their mind with new people when they might otherwise be too nervous to do so. However, drinking and dating is a dangerous game, but with a little preparation you can come off as a true gentleman or lady.

Avoid getting drunk! The best way to deal with a drunken date is to avoid excessive drinking. This usually happens when one party tries to drink to "loosen up." If you notice the other person starting to drink heavily, reassure them that the date is going well. Consider dancing or ordering a non-alcoholic drink yourself.

Pace yourself. Another reason people drink to excess on a date is when they try to "keep up" with the other person. If you know that your alcohol tolerance is much higher than your date's, slow down and keep pace with them, even though you might want to drink more.

Set yourself up. If you are on a dinner date, make sure that neither you nor your date drink too heavily before your food comes. If you are going out to bars or dance clubs that don't serve food, make sure that both you and your date have had some food before you start drinking.

Drink water with your alcohol. If you order a bottle of wine or a round of beers, order a pitcher of water to go with it. Interspersing alcohol with water will help you and your date stay pleasantly tipsy without straying into debauched drunkenness.

Dealing With Drunks
Keep your cool. If your date does become drunk, it will be up to you to be the more responsible party and to keep your wits about you. Remember that no matter what happens, it's probably the alcohol talking.

Maintain perspective. Your date may get more flirtatious and forward than normal. Use your best judgment to determine whether they actually mean it, or if they are just being drunk. Sleeping with someone for the first time because they are drunk is never a good way to start a relationship.

Help out. If your date gets sloppy and either vomits or acts erratically, you should calmly attempt to get the person home. Offer them water or coffee and try to keep them away from the bar.

Walk it off. If you are close to the other person's apartment, insist on walking rather than taking a cab or driving. This will allow your drunk date time to take some air and walk off some of their drunk.

SOURCE: eHow.com

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