Friday, September 17, 2010

How to... Kiss with Braces

Do you want to kiss your significant other but one or both of you have braces? Here are some tips to make it go smoothly!

Take things slow. Start off very gently so you can get a feel for each other's "mouth geography". As you get more practice, you'll learn where to apply pressure, and where to avoid it.

Never push your lips hard together. That'll push your lips against your teeth, and if you have braces on, they might cut the insides of your lips. That means you might want to avoid deep French kissing.

Avoid contact between tongue and braced teeth. The braces can easily cut someone's tongue. If you have braces and the other person doesn't, you might want to warn him or her to avoid sliding their tongue along your teeth.

Keep your head movements slow so that your teeth don't bump into each other. This is uncomfortable and awkward, and yes, although it is uncommon, it is possible for braces to become caught together.

Consider using dental wax. Normally, your orthodontist should always give you some wax to put on your braces if they cut the inside of your mouth. You might want to put some on each front brace to minimize the risk of your partner getting cut or feeling the braces.

If things aren't going so well, follow the advice in How to Deal With a Bad Kisser. It doesn't matter who's wearing the braces, some people just need a few hints to get it right!


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