Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to... Produce More Semen - Get to the Root of the Problem

Producing more semen implies ensuring better fertility. This is obviously because sperm travels through semen, hence more semen also means more sperm, both in terms of quantity and quality. So, if you are seriously considering means to improve your rate of fertility, probably in view of becoming a father, or simply to boost your level of confidence with regard to sexual performance, you should think in terms of finding ways to boost your semen production and not just sperm volume.

Before finding the right solution to start producing more semen, it is worth exploring the possible causes of low semen production. This will of course help you identify the best solution in relation to the cause, so that you may achieve your goal of producing semen faster and in larger quantities.

Here are some causes of a low semen production and the steps you can take to correct them :-

1. The most common factor which affects the production of semen is infections of the male sexual organs - be it the penis or the testicles. In this case, seeking medical assistance would obviously be the unique option. Infections in the prostate gland are in fact the most common of all syndromes resulting in low levels of semen production, and therefore treating such infections would eventually help increase more semen.

So if you have noticed a considerable decrease in the amount of semen you produce during the sexual act, you might consider having a check-up, not only in view of jump starting your semen production but also to avoid situations where these infections might result in worse conditions. The male sexual organs, as we all know, are fragile and sensitive. The earlier the least sign of infection is diagnosed and the infection is treated, the better it is.

2. On a less serious note, even tight underpants and the overheating of the testicles under several layers of clothes might result in a decrease in the production of semen. Thus, in order to produce more semen, you should avoid overheating your testicles by wearing cool, loose-fitting underwear. This is probably why boxers are becoming increasingly popular.

3. Hot showers or baths, and especially saunas, are to be avoided when you are trying to increase your semen volume. Wearing loose-fitting underpants would not hamper blood circulation either, which will in turn encourage the production of more semen.

4. The presence of toxins of all kinds - such as caffeine, alcohol or nicotine, amongst others - in the body equally reduces the production of semen. Hence, in order to increase your semen production, it is but common sense that one should reduce or, better still, quit all forms of substance abuse such as smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee excessively, or doing drugs.

5. It has been scientifically proven that zinc deficiency also reduces the level of semen production. So if you are aiming at starting to produce more semen, you may try to begin with having zinc-enriched food and / or dietary supplements.

On the bright side, one often overlooked way to get more semen during an orgasm is to to have sex during early morning hours. You may find yourself producing much more semen than usual, and you will not just impress your partner but even you will be impressed by your level of semen production. Indeed, semen as well as sperm production is naturally higher in the morning.


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