Monday, September 13, 2010

How to... Satisfy Your Girl Sexually

Satisfaction in the bedroom can be illusive for some couples. It seems to be a more evasive problem for younger couples. A lot of that has to do with immaturity and just not being fully comfortable with sex, or fully understanding how the body works. However, no matter what your age, this article will have some healthy tips on how to satisfy your female.

1. Realize what sex is and what sex is not. Odds are if you are someone who looks at sex as a sport or some sort of game instead of a meaningful interaction or connection between two people you probably will fail at satisfying her. Sex is about two people, sometimes more, but either way it is one of the most enjoyable forms of communication between people. Sex is about giving and receiving and being a selfish lover is not the way to making a woman happy. Sex should never be had jut to satisfy your ego.

2. Communicate with your partner: If you can't talk to your girlfriend about sex openly and honestly she is probably not really ready to have sex with you. However, is she is willing to communicate with you listen to her. Her advice on things that can be improved upon is clearly valuable. You might not even have to improve on anything, you might just need to do more of something. Also, realize it might not be you at all, but something within her preventing herself from really letting go. Either way it is important to discuss sex with your partner.

3. A very common problem that occurs within couples is the old he's just finishing when she's just beginning. It is considered bad manners to peek and leave your lover hanging. If you have a problem with premature ejaculation there are things you can look into like numbing condoms, and self control techniques. However, if you are certain you will peek before her no matter what, well that's why they invented foreplay. There is no reason your girlfriend or wife can't have multiple orgasms before you even engage in intercourse. This of course can be achieved through oral sex, fingering, vibrators, etc.

4. It is also important to understand men and women have different bodies. This seems like obvious information, but some men fail to understand this. Just because it feels great to you doesn't mean it feels great to her. For a lot of men the best part of sex is the initial penetration, but many women enjoy foreplay more for many reasons, like a lot of their erogenous zones are stimulated more intensely. The best advice is to make sure she is really turned on before you penetrate her. This will make it more enjoyable for both of you.

5. Finally, almost every part of a woman should be touched for really mind blowing sex. Some of the top areas are as follows: Her neck, ears, nipples, stomach, thighs, and lastly her vagina. You can stimulate these areas through caressing, sucking, biting, kissing, etc. Remember, women have more sensitive skin than men because women have more nerve receptors. This makes them feel both pain and pleasure more intensely.


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