Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top 10: Reasons Why She Wants You To Dress Well

You might be wondering why we keep on posting all these sartorial tips and products to enhance your oozing machismo. Here are Top 10: Reasons Why SHE Wants You To Dress Well from

And more, we actually believe that the girls are right!

No.10 - She'll be the envy of other women

You like to tote your girlfriend around town and show her off. No shame in that. But women aren’t any different from men in this department. That’s right, they like to strut their stuff with arm candy too. Taking better care of yourself will make other women a tad jealous of her and other men look like losers -- a plus for both of you.

No.9 - It's a sign you’ll maintain your appearance for years to come

Teaching an old dog new tricks is tough; that’s why getting in the habit of holding down the fort now is an important step to a fine-looking future. Think of it as an insurance policy for making sure your golden years aren’t filled with orthopedic shoes, rogue hairs and a hunched back.

No.8 - It will raise your status

Pretend all you want about not giving a damn. At your very core, you can’t help but want to keep up with the Joneses. You’re a man -- it’s in your DNA. Taking care of business, from your workweek wardrobe to your weekend grooming routine, supports an acceptable social standing. Sure, being popular isn’t everything, but let’s be honest: It is something. And who knows, with any luck, you’ll become Mr. Jones himself.

No.7 - You'll look like a power couple

Everyone knows at least one picture-perfect pair. She’s a Harvard law grad with looks like Barbie and a heart like Mother Teresa. He’s making a six-figure investment banking salary out of a cushy corner office. And did we mention they both dress to kill? There’s never a get-together or getaway for which they don’t have the ideal outfits. Even if you’re still climbing the corporate ladder, hitting the refresh button on your wardrobe will move you two that much closer to power couple status -- like the Obamas (but without Barack’s high-waisted, stonewashed jeans).

No.6 - You'll look better in photos

For the two or so week’s worth of vacation days you get a year, don’t waste them with fanny pack-filled photos of Disney World. The truth is, though, that only cool people get to go to cool places. So, lose the staid suburban vibe, throw on some badass swimwear, and give your girlfriend a reason to share your adventures with her closest 689 Facebook friends.

No.5 - She'll be motivated to maintain her own appearance

Opposites can attract. But men and women who match each other on multiple levels -- including appearance -- are the ones who stick together. Years later, though, comfort and complacency set in and suddenly sweats qualify as a valiant effort for date night. If you don’t want her to get used to lazy living, then you shouldn’t either. Go the extra mile and she’ll be sure to follow your lead.

No.4 - You'll impress her friends and family

These days, relying on your personality isn’t enough to impress no matter how stellar you think it is. Getting in good with the girlfriend’s girlfriends and your mother-in-law-to-be also depends on your outward appearance. Win them over with a sartorial spirit and impeccable hygiene. You’ll avoid any awkward disapproval from the important people in her life, and she’ll be thrilled to parade you around in every situation.

No.3 - People will treat you better

The universe throws back exactly what you give out. That’s why average people are treated, well, pretty average. Slipping on your Sunday’s best gives you the extra boost of confidence even you could use every now and then to rise above those regular people. Then, when you look and act like you own the place, people will respond. Sweeten yourself with a hint of kindness from time to time, and you’ll be rolling in the good karma of the cosmos.

No.2 - You'll get ahead in your career

Remember that whole dressing for success thing? Look around: That schlumpy schmo in accounting hasn’t been promoted in a decade. Chances are the gut hanging over his too-tight Dockers and coffee-stained shirt threw up a roadblock on his career path. A little makeover might make the bosses take you more seriously -- even if you can’t add. In any case, getting the next part is always more about looking like you already have it.

No.1 - You'll have better sex

Does there need to be an explanation for a rip-roaring time in the sheets? Oddly enough, dressing dapper will make her want to tear your clothes off that much faster. Then, of course, being called on to perform more often and paying more attention to your wardrobe should be compelling enough to drop the fat and stay fit. A better body and increased energy just add fuel to fire. It’s a vicious cycle you could get used to repeating.

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