Friday, May 27, 2011

Job Interview Etiquette

Job Interview Etiquette

Job Interview Etiquette

So you have graduated and ready to face the corporate jungle. You have sent your resume out and you have landed your job interviews. Now it's time to clinch that dream job of yours, regardless if its for a multinational corporation or a socio-civic Non-Government organization. It is important to follow this simple rules from

Be punctual
Time is of the essence - not just yours but especially the interiewer. If he can set a time for you, he must be interested with the CV you submitted. Why botch up the chance by coming in late. As the article says:

"Being late tells others that you're self-centered, disorganized, rude or all three (qualities only sought after by the recruiters of reality television). So, unless you're seeking a spot on the next The Real World, leave home with plenty of time to account for delays that are beyond your control."

Dress accordingly
We did not set-up this blog for you to be a slob. Respect to the company you are trying to join into will be reflected with the way you dressed.

Take note of that handshake
Make people comfortable around you at the first moment of interaction. And a handshake will tell it all.

3 definite "don'ts"
  1. Don't get caught unprepared
  2. Don't disparage past employers
  3. Don't lie -- about anything

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