Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sexual Positions and Who You Are

Sexual Positions and Who You Are

Sexual Positions and Who You Are

As men, we do not go looking at tea leaves or swear by palmistry just to know wo we are. But you can know more of yourself when thinking about how you "do the deed." This article we found at defines - or at least assumes - who you are by the sex position you favor.

The gist?
  • If you prefer the Doggy Style, one might see a real disain for women and you grab the chance to degrade them. Must be the loser in you during high school.
  • Missionary "positioners" are those who are safe in their comfort zones.
  • Those that adore the Cowgirl do not believe in hard work. Everything is handed to you including your orgasm.
  • The Spoon-er belives that the relationships is the best thing that God has given you.
  • The Cat (does anyone know how to do this) is for those who into spiritual orgasms - as opposed to physical ones.

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