Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Google Plus and Dating

Google Plus and Dating
It is inevitable. With over 18+ Million users in less than a month with its Beta launch, Google Plus has become the latest "in" thing to socialize.

Socialize means Dating
If one equates "socialize" with "dating," Google Plus offers several possibilities. But the first activity one must do is to find people.

Google Plus and DatingWe have found a website called Find People on Plus (see screenshot) which can offer overwhelming possibilities. But with 18 Million users, this site has only indexed 4,412,227 today and only 6,148 Google Plus users in the Philippines.

This sampling also offer interesting data, 71% of users are men and 29% of users are women. (although what do they mean by Other?) 37% of users are Single. This means this is a fertile market for women who are looking for the early adopter (Geeks in English) types. 

Now since Google Plus us still on beta, you would need an invite to create an account.  So if you know anyone (and that includes us) who already has an account, pressure them to cough up an invite.

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