Friday, August 19, 2011

Are you a Facebook Stalker?

Know who you "Facebook Stalk" the most

Remember our post on Facebook Stalking? You probably are doing it too! If you are still in denial, check out the instructions below to see whose status you have been checking all the time.

Drag this link on your browser's bookmark bar. Go to Facebook, click on the link you put on your browser bar and... ugh... you see who you have been interacting the most (or at least checking whose comments/likes you check out).

According to the web developer who discovered this,
"Clearly they have some ordering about who they think you are looking for, and they seem to guess pretty well. I can only guess, but it seems like they order it based on who you interact with, whose profile you look at and who you have recently become friends with."

Source; Wandering in Manila.

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