Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eunice Perez Arbis - Babe of the Month

This month's Babe, Eunice Perez Arbis

Guys, get to know Eunice Perez Arbis, August's Babe of the Month.

PPL: For the ignorant and uninformed, can you tell us something about yourself? Vital stats obviously?
Eunice: Eunice Perez Arbis 24, actress/host/model and chocolate makes me hormones supper happy *giggles*

PPL: Are you currently in a relationship? (if no, why not?)
Eunice: Nope, I am currently not in a relationship. Haha! I think my prince charming got lost somewhere in the desert and is still trying to look for me *laughing out loud*

PPL: what makes a guy "POGI" in your eyes?
Eunice: Hmmm POGI points in my eyes ...Smart, Precise, Faithful (you never know there's a bunch of players out there, haha!), A good sense of humour ( a guy MUST be able to make me laugh, if not it's a big NO NO) and Lastly, He must be "Genuinely Real" . . . If that's possible, then I have just met the man of my dreams haha! . . that wasn't alot of ask for right? *giggles*

PPL: What makes somebody "boyfriend-worthy"?
Eunice: hmmm, tough one *giggles* . . . treats me with full respect without any hidden intentions. LOL . haha!

PPL: What turns you on?

Eunice: What turns me on hmmmm..... I love my man smelling amazingly sexy with nice teeth, pretty feet and meaningful tits HAHAHAHAHA!, oops i meant to say TATOOS ..

Eunice Perez Arbis - Babe of the Month
Photo by Red Andal
Eunice Perez Arbis - Babe of the Month
Photo by EIKONA photography

PPL: We want to hear your views! What comes to your mind when you hear the following words? why?

marriage : The Royal Wedding, Happily Ever after..

divorce : Broken Family, It's makes me sad and I hope nobody I care about experience it at all...*serious face*

"ex bf": The show Cheaters, LOL

racism: The movie "A TIME TO KILL" such an astonishing movie.

climate change: Summer, sexiest of the 4 season

filipino men: Funny, most of them have good sense of humour

does size matter? Depends on what we're talking about about. *LAUGHS* it could be a stick, a ruler, an eggplant ... *STILL LAUGHING* you never know! haha! But if everyone's thoughts are mutual and the first thing that popped in their mind was exactly the same as mine then Nope, it's how you "work" it. *giggles*

breastfeeding: KIDS, hate to say this but they are usually the cause of saggy boobs *laughing*

PPL: Would you go for a “threesome”? if no, why not? If yes, can we know who the lucky combination will be?
Eunice: My answer to that is YES/NO/MAYBE... haha! only i'd know. IT's for me to know and for all to still keep wondering *laughs*

PPL: this or that? and why?

Eunice: I chose THIS and THAT... why not both .. LOL

beer or wine? RED WINE, i hear it's good for the heart . . .

basketball player or soccer player? Basketball Player, that I am... always on defense mode.

rock or hiphop/rnb : BOTH, love all kinds of music i'm quite diverse.

boy-next-door or bad boy? I think this question should be rephrased... *laughing* substitute BOY with MAN, then i'll answer..

one piece or two-piece swimsuit? I personally like both. but If it was a matter of life and death and I had to choose only ONE then I'd choose two piece swim suit, JUST INCASE NATURE CALLS. *laughing* easier to slip and squat than to take the damn one piece and squat.. too much effort with one piece swimsuit....*LAUGHING OUT LOUD*

Mac or PC? Mac, just cause . . .it's sexy!

Indoor or outdoor sex? Hmmmmmm, secret.

Chocolates or lollipops? I love both, but I'm a chocolate feen and plus chocolates makes my hormones extremely happy ..haha!

Eunice Perez Arbis - Babe of the Month
Photo by EIKONA photography
Eunice Perez Arbis - Babe of the Month
Photo by Zdenka Darula
Eunice Perez Arbis - Babe of the Month
Photo by EIKONA photography

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