Friday, August 26, 2011

Lose Weight and Burn Fat Using HIIT

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

On a weight plateau and thinking your regular workout might need changing?  Why not do a HIIT workout? 

High Intensity Interval Training is an exercise strategy aimed to burn fat faster in a shorter training session. This is done by varying the intensity of the workout between 2 sets of cardio exercises. For example, a runner would alternate 30–40 seconds of jogging or walking with 15–20 seconds of hard sprinting.

A HIIT session will consist of a warm up period, then six to 10 reps of high intensity exercise punctuated in-between by medium intensity exercise. The goal is to do 6 cycles and last at least 15 minutes and not more than twenty.

According to studies, 2.5 hours of HIIT produced the same muscle changes to 10.5 hours of endurance training and similar endurance performance benefits. This makes the exercise energy and time efficient.

According to, a 60-second Interval workout is superb for immediate fat burning and weight loss.
"The shorter intervals are linked with adaptation. The longer ones stil have some adaptation but your sprinting is taking place in a glycogen depleted state...

In English....The longer intervals completely exhaust your muscles of their stored energy, this energy will take 24hr to 48 hrs to replenish. This HIIT training is superb for Direct fat burning and weight loss."

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