Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Volkswagen Scirocco III

Volkswagen Scirocco III
VW officially announced in June 2006 production of a new Scirocco model at the AutoEuropa assembly plant in Palmela, Portugal.

The new model, given the internal designation Typ 13, is based on the PQ35 platform of the Golf V and was unveiled at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. It went on sale in summer 2008 in Europe, with sales in other countries beginning early 2009. The German model had a price of €21,750.

IROC concept (2006)
A concept car previewing the then upcoming Scirocco III was unveiled at the 2006 Paris Auto Show. Named IROC, from the middle four letters of "Scirocco", it used a 210-hp TSI engine.

Scirocco GT24 (2008-)
The Scirocco GT24 is a race car for the 24-hour race at the N├╝rburgring. It has a 2.0L TSI engine rated 325 PS (239 kW; 321 hp) and 340 N·m (251 lb·ft) @2100rpm, DSG transmission.
The GT24 was unveiled at GTI Meet 2008 in W├Ârthersee.

Scirocco Studie R (2008)
The Studie R is a concept car based on the Scirocco GT24, after Volkswagen had cancelled the production of the Scirocco R32. It has a 2.0L TSI engine rated at 270 PS (199 kW; 266 hp), 6-speed dual clutch transmission, 4-piston brake calipers and a sound-optimized exhaust system with oval, polished tailpipes.
The Studie R was unveiled at the Bologna Motor Show.

Scirocco R (2009-)
The Scirocco R is a production model based on the GT24. Its 2.0L TSI engine is rated 265 PS (195 kW; 261 hp) at 6000rpm and 350 N·m (258 lb·ft) at 2500rpm, large air intake openings in the front bumper, an integrated front spoiler, bi-xenon headlights, larger rear roof edge spoiler, black diffuser, dual exhaust with chrome tailpipes, Talladega 18-in alloy wheels.
UK models went on sale in 2009.

Scirocco 1.4 TSI BlueMotion Technology
The Scirocco BlueMotion Technology has a 1.4L turbo (122PS) engine with the BlueMotion Technology package. This car features a 68Ah battery and reduced emissions because of special tyres and other gearbox specifications


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