Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saven Mi - Babe of the Month

Saven Mi - Babe of the Month

Saven Mi - Babe of the Month

Please tell us something about yourself (full name, age, nationality and roots, location, university/school, profession)

Saven: My name is Saven Mi. I’m 21, Cambodian, from Hamilton, Ontario. I’m a model, make-up artist and the co-owner of Kinzoku.ca

What are your vitals?
Saven: 32-25-36

Your Thoughts and Why:
Facebook or Twitter?
Saven: I’m a Facebook addict! It’s the best way to keep in touch with friends and interact with fans.

Pumps or Flats?
Saven: I’d have to say pumps since I can’t do a shoot without them ;)

Shorts or Skirts?
Saven: I love short shorts. They’re so cute and comfy!

Swimsuit or Lingerie?
Saven: Lingerie of course! I love all the different sexy styles. So seductive!

Beer or Cocktails?
Saven: Neither. I want SHOTS! But if I had to choose, I’d say cocktails. Who wants a beer belly?

Veggies or Meat?
Saven: I’m a meat lover. I actually force myself to eat veggies >.<

Gangster or Rockstar?
Saven: Gangster! No Rockers for me.

Boxer or Briefs?
Saven: Boxers are cute! Briefs are funny.

Saven Mi - Babe of the Month Saven Mi - Babe of the Month Saven Mi - Babe of the Month

What types of men attract you the most?
Saven: Sweet, romantic and passionate with a good sense of humor. Sexy muscular body and well dressed – I love a man who knows how to take care of himself. P.S. Tattoos are hot.

What can a guy do get a date with you?
Saven: Get on his knees and beg! :P

Would you date a guy living with his parents?
Saven: As long as it’s temporarily.

What age did you lost your virginity?
Saven: What makes you think I lost it already? Hehe.

Does size matter?
Saven: No, I believe it only matters to girls who go around.

Top or bottom?
Saven: Top AND bottom.

Any wild fantasies?
Saven: That’s for me to know, and *him* to find out ;)

What are the best time, place, and occasion for a fulfilling sex with your partner?
Saven: Anytime, anywhere. It’s all about the passion!
Saven Mi - Babe of the Month Saven Mi - Babe of the Month Saven Mi - Babe of the Month

In the zone:
Do you think about what you are wearing when you walk out the door?
Saven: Not really. I’m always rushing last minute, trying to remember if I have everything.

What makes you feel comfortable and/or safe and why?
Saven: The comfort and safety of being in the arms of the man I love. There’s no place like home!

What makes you feel attractive and/or sexy and why?
Saven: When I’m all dolled up and glamorous. Look sexy, feel sexy!

How do you alter the way you dress for work, going out, and in your neighborhood?
Saven: I wear whatever is comfortable. I happen to be most comfortable in less clothes hehe :P I actually love wearing dresses for any occasion.

What makes you feel powerful and also vulnerable?
Saven: I feel powerful being able to take care of myself and not having to rely on others. I’m a strong woman so I’m not too sure what makes me feel vulnerable.

How do you feel or respond when someone stares or whistles at you?
Saven: I usually just ignore it… If I respond to everyone who stares or whistles at me, there goes my whole day. Hehe kidding! Really, what do they expect me to do?

At what point is it not ok?
Saven: It’s not okay when they become aggressive and start insulting me when I don’t give them the time of day. Get a life.

Have you ever used your gender or sexuality to get what you want, and if so, how?
Saven: I don’t think I need to! Hehe.

What do you fear most from men and women?
Saven: I don’t believe there’s anything to fear from men or women as long as you use proper judgment and have the ability to handle yourself in any situation.

Does your partner like for you to dress sexy?
Saven: Of course! He better or there’s seriously something wrong with him! Who wouldn’t want their arm candy wifey to look hot? Oh right, insecure men.

When does sexy become trashy?
Saven: When your goods are exposed or when it’s obvious you’re trying way too hard to be sexy. 

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