Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to... Stay Dry in Style

How to... Stay Dry in Style

Everbody knows that umbrellas are for women and wimps. With all the torrential rains and flooding in the metropolis, we decided to scour the web on how keeping dry but still in style.

We got this dated article from an How to Stay Dry in Style.

There are basically four rules:

1. Come Prepared: When buying a raincoat, wear a suit jacket to the store. You need to know how it’ll layer up: is there room in the shoulders? Does it look bulky at any point?

2. Know Your Materials: Find out what the coat is made of and whether it’s water-resistant, such as waxed cotton (good), or waterproof, such as Gore-Tex (better).

3. Cloudy Is Okay: You’ll definitely want to throw on your raincoat when it’s storming, but really, any vaguely overcast day is fine. You just don’t want it blazingly sunny out.

4. Stay Cool—Not Necessarily Warm: A raincoat is not meant to keep you toasty on brick-cold winter days—that’s what a good down parka is for. And scarves. And gloves.

Read more tips at + check out rainy day styles here.

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