Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nice Guys Earn Less Pay

When Bad Boys Earn More

A lot has been said about the bad boys getting the girls. Now it seems this applies to higher paychecks too.

Research by co-author Charlice Hurst, assistant professor of organizational behaviour at the University of Western Ontario’s Ivey School of Business says that "Men who score on personality tests as highly disagreeable tend to earn more than 18 per cent more than men who were scored as most agreeable." Obviously this does not mean that to get that pay raise, you have to be a jerk tomorrow. It just means that one need to speak up more for you to be highly valued by your employer."

The data came from four long-term research studies in the United States about behaviour and job status. By comparing salaries of most agreeable people with those who are self-interested and agreesive, the found the salary gaps dating up to to the 1950s with no differences between age groups. races, social classes or job complexity.

“We shouldn’t take this literally, but it appears the ability to stand up for yourself and advocate for your interests does get you noticed for promotion in an organization,” she said.

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