Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clubbing at the Palladium

Palladium - Manila's Newest "IT" Place

Manila's Club scene is more fun than ever with the addition of Palladium, the newest hotspot of partygoers in the Metro.  Located at the basement of the New World Hotel in Makati City, Palladium boasts of the hottest partygoers and DJs.

Arriving by 11pm will assure you seats but the best ones near the DJ and the stage are usually reserved beforehand.  But if you don't mind staying near the back (like us) the free tables will suffice.

Dress code is strict so get those collared shirts ready.  Friends of ours got turned away at the door.

Door fee is Php 500 which includes on drink of your choice.  Might as well get an invite to get in free (details on how to be at Palladium's guest list is at the end of this article).  How you budget your alcohol intake to last the night is up to you. 

So take that swig of alcohol, throw your arms up in the air and dance the night away at Palladium.

 If you are in the mood for partying, Palladium is the  place to be.  To be in the Guest List of Privilege Saturdays, you can e-mail current Girlfriend of the Month, Franchesca Aguilera.

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