Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moaning Women

What does it mean when women moan.

Moaning Women

Women moan during sex mean they are enjoying the deed.  or are they?

A new study from the University of Central Lancashire show that those noises a woman make during sex does not often mean she is reaching her climax - but does it for the benefit of the man.

Based on analysis of 71 women with 22 as the average age, the study wanted to know if a women's vocal stylings are triggered by how well you've hit her G-spot or you are just that amazing in bed.

Not really.

Seems that majority of the women studied do so because this is how she can manipulate how men to her advantage.  It can also be an encouragement for the man, so he can reach his climax or even part of the traditional "sex script."

Or maybe it's just because you are that good in bed.

Image: Saven Mi, Poging Pogi lang Babe of the Month.

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